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Patricia Westermann Thomassen and Sandra Louisa Kejlskov are the two women behind Who’s Agency and Who’s PR. With 15 years of experience within the fashion industry and retail, they together create an exceptional combination of both worlds.

Due to the ever expanding and evolving world of fashion and its surrounding culture, we aim to connect with our clients through strong communication and detailed preparation. We strive to work with brands that has an ongoing value and look. We are only interested in brands that we believe in 200%.


Trine Tuxen Jewelry · Wuth Cashmere · Kaibosh · Christina Lundsteen 

public relations

Who’s PR is a professional strategic Agency that not only focuses on the visibility to the press, but also the communication thereof to the retailers. Who’s PR is a communication agency specializing in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Insight, respect, personal relations and proactive work are all important initiatives in order for our clients to feel that PR creates success for their brand.

Our clients are treated as unique individuals with different needs, which means that a thorough strategic communication strategy is always at the core of a new cooperation. Who’s PR is based in the central of Copenhagen.

 Trine Tuxen Jewelry ·

C/RO in & outdoor living · Henriette Mørk · Helle Mardahl · Novocastrian · Intueri Light

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